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"Dive into Code" is a programming school which offers programming courses from zero, in-house service development, and commissioned development. "Dive into code" provides Ruby on Rails courses to train beginners to the point they can earn money with programming.

At the company, training students so they can write programs for a living and understand team development being its biggest feature, actual commissioned projects are provided to graduate students of courses. Time based commissioned development by graduates is provided to meet the needs of startups and non-IT companies with issues such as not having developers, not knowing where to start, or not knowing what engineersto hire.

So, we asked Dive into code about the aims of introducing sideCI, and future expectations.

Dive into Code site image

Dive into Code site image

※ Dive into Code is a programming school managed by TIME-SHIFT, Inc.

We want reviews to be done automatically

  • Please tell us what motives lead to having interest in SideCI.

Mr.Noro: While holding seminars of programming courses and developing our company's services, I really felt the need for code reviews. But, even talking about reviewing only, compared to the students growing from zero, a high level of know-how is required. I thought it would be nice if this can be automated, and that's when I found SideCI.

Representative Director Mr.Noro

Representative Director: Mr.Noro

Mr.Noro: The fact that a certain amount of code quality can be guaranteed when graduates do their commissioned work was also appealing. I want engineers to become able to make money properly by focusing their powers on core parts of their business, like increasing processing speed and improving algorithms. For that reason, the point that it can automatically check for the goods and bads of coding generally referred in the OSS industry was appealing.

Mr.Noro: Automate reviews on points that anyone can do the same, and students and engineers who received them growing on their own... I aimed to make such a structure.

How was it?

I felt that the code reviews really lead to my improvement. There were often times I was puzzled, like auto-generated codes producing errors. I searched about that, and I found out that rubocop's check seems tobe strict, so I customized it and turned the checks off(laughs).



There were many opportunities to realize and study about things such as coding rules and syntax from sideCI's code reviews, and I think it really helped as a viewpoint for my improvement.

Being unable to realize bad coding by yourself is the biggest issue, and usually you need an experienced engineer to point that out. It's really helpful that that part can be done automatically.

Future works

I don't think I have mastered it yet, so if I can customize it properly, I think it would become much better.

In the future, we are thinking about introducing sideCI in cases such as using GitHub in courses. We think if students can use it as a chance to ask questions, it would become a new opportunity for students to improve their skills.

From the left Mr.Noro and Mr.Nakao

From the left: Mr.Noro and Mr.Nakao

At the time of this interview, SideCI was our product name and was used in these interviews. As of June 13th, 2018, we have changed our product name to Sider and updated the product name in the past interviews accordingly.

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