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Increase code review efficiency and deliver products with confidence. Sider helps development teams accomplish more, allowing them to deliver more value to their customers.

  • Faster reviews with more confidence

    Leave the heavy lifting of code review to Sider. Have more time to add value to the products delivered to your customers.

  • Easy extended review functionality

    Sider offers quick and simple extended functionality for the linting tools to tailor-fit your team.

  • Integrated with your GitHub

    Sider can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Your GitHub pull requests will be automatically checked with no added effort.

Supporting languages of your choice

With Sider, you can use various analysis tools for many programming languages and environments. You can also run several tools so that your project can be polyglot. Working with complex front-end JS code in your Rails project? Use RuboCop and ESLint!

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