Sider allows startups to focus on top priority - product development
Introducing Sider helps manage a variety of tools for code quality which can save your resources for top priority product development.

About Bit Journey, Inc.

Bit Journey, Inc, provides Kibela, an information sharing tool that helps companies ranging from startups to big companies. It allows users to share their ideas with team members. Having received numerous signups during the pre-registration period, Kibela has now become a product approved by its users.

Why did you choose Sider?

For a startup company, moving your product development forward comes as a top priority before improving the code quality. So, we wanted to save time and manpower on maintaining the quality of code, discussing coding standards, and finding and fixing coding standard violations.

In addition, it was not realistic to discuss coding rules one by one in our development environment where we use several languages and frameworks such as Ruby and JS. We thought that it would be ideal if we could automate these tasks.

We used to use Lint tools and maintained them by hosting HoundCI on our own, but it took too much of our time, confusing our priorities. That was why we started looking for a managed service. After talking to Sider several times, we were happy with the way Sider answered our inquiries. We then decided to use Sider.

Key Results

We find it valuable that we can leave the execution of not only tools for coding standard enforcement but also tools for improving code quality, such as Brakeman, all up to Sider. You can almost forget about the presence of Sider while developing, in a good way. It's that helpful.

Even for fast-changing platforms such as JS libraries, Sider makes it really easy for us to keep up with best practices, saving us time and manpower.


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