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Company Name: StartupTechnology Inc.
Interviewees: Engineers Mr.Segawa, Mr.Yamada, Mr.Mochizuki, and Mr.Ugajin

“Opportunities for Entrepreneurs. Freedom for Engineers.”

StartupTechnology Inc. specializes in development support of systems and services in Ruby on Rails. The key point is that we do development and consulting services from a user’s point of view with a monthly pricing system. Under the mission “Opportunities for Entrepreneurs. Freedom for Engineers.”, we mainly support the development for the implementation of start-up’s services. Also, we take a development structure focused on communication and problem solving, free to come to the office at any time, placing a high priority on the performance of the engineers. They can even choose not to come to the office. There are engineers working remotely from China, or working as they travel around the world.

“Everyone’s a CTO”

At StartupTechnology, there are a lot of projects where we get involved with our customers like a “rental CTO”. We solve the issues our customers have, going beyond the relationship of entrusted development, solving things needed for the verification of services, such as proposing an environment for development like introducing GitHub and proposing a road map for a service. We also do team building, often doing development with the new employees of our customer’s company. There are times when we establish a coding standard in building a team.

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SideCI’s practically like “air”

There aren’t many times an engineer in StartupTechnology gets a warning from SideCI. Ideally, SideCI should be at a state where it’s there, it exists, but you’re not aware of it, like the air around us. In other words, a state where no warnings are issued. Still, there are 2 reasons why we’re using SideCI.

The reviewing cost for a rare mistake is relatively high

Even when everyone in the team is an excellent engineer, there are times when we make mistakes. Realistically, it’s impossible to not make any mistakes. In reviewing codes, humans tend to overlook rarely mistaken matters. You need to focus and look carefully to not miss out on such mistakes. That’s very high cost for a human. Getting to automize such a task is a big advantage.

For teaching junior classes

In reviewing codes in StartupTechnology, we put weight on performance at high levels, even for portions related to business, reviewing thinking about how to solve our customer’s issue, even for codes written by junior class engineers. Therefore, we leave most of the basic parts up to SideCI, which is really helpful. For example, coding standards. Each rule has its own background, and there are many things you can learn from them. So, we let SideCI handle the basic parts, and humans review the rest.

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Maintaining best performance with lazy reviews

There are times when we joke in our company: “Boy, SideCI makes reviewers lazier”. People started saying this in a good way since reviews became unneeded for parts handled by SideCI, and reviews became fewer and fewer. It’s a crucial system. We can use that extra time to communicate or solve customers’ issues and maintain high performance. We’d really appreciate the continued maintenance of SideCI.
At StartupTechnology, we adopt a company system and diversify our businesses so that members could challenge to do various things. We need more talented engineers to make our entrusted development business even more solid. Recruitment and education of such engineers will be our tasks for the future.


At the time of this interview, SideCI was our product name and was used in these interviews. As of June 13th, 2018, we have changed our product name to Sider and updated the product name in the past interviews accordingly.

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