Sider’s Review Empowered Joint Development Between Two Countries
Sider encouraged the two international teams to incorporate a uniform coding style and nurture their engineering culture.

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Why did you choose Sider?

We were struggling to make any progress with code reviews between our Japanese and Vietnamese development teams. The Japanese team was not willing to minutely review source code whose readability was not so great as it could be time-consuming. On the other hand, the Vietnamese team was not fully aware of the importance of code review or the coding rule itself. So, we aimed to unify the coding style and reduce the code review workload by introducing the Vietnamese team to a coding rule and Rubocop customized for the rule. However, only some of the developers actually used them, so we did not have an obvious improvement to the situation at that point.

We looked for something that would save us from pointing out coding rule errors and allow us to run code reviews in our development cycle via GitHub. This search led us to Sider. We decided to use Sider because it was easy to incorporate into our development environment, and we could see that it safely handled our source code during analysis.

Key Results

Sider made the code-checks visible to the entire team, which encouraged the Vietnamese team to follow the coding styles. Feeling and seeing the improvement in productivity and maintainability, they now regularly review their source code.

We have now reduced the time spent on code review by correcting the coding style errors with Sider first. The Japanese team is also sticking to the coding rule more than ever. On our current reviews, we get to talk about things like how we can improve the specifications as our main topic, not the coding rule errors or how we should write our source code.

At the time of this interview, SideCI was our product name and was used in these interviews. As of June 13th, 2018, we have changed our product name to Sider and updated the product name in the past interviews accordingly.

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