Sider sets our coding standard and measures for quality
Hiver used Sider for their coding standard solutions as they grew from 2 to 12 engineers.

About Hiver

If you run a business and use Gmail / G Suite, you need to get Hiver. Hiver boosts your team's email efficiency. One can manage external shared email accounts with Hiver.

Our Engineering team has 12 engineers at the moment. The languages we use are primarily, Python, PHP, and JavaScript. Talking about frameworks, we use Laravel for PHP and Backbone.js for JavaScript. Our mobile apps use React. For Python, we have a simple home grown framework.

Why did you choose Sider?

Short answer, to enforce coding standards and improve code quality.

When there is a team of developers working together, maintaining good code quality is paramount. If good coding practices are not followed, the engineering team gradually accumulates a lot of technical debt which will slow down the team in the long run. Making the code intelligible across the team is also something very important if you want to build a team which is versatile, as in any team member can look at any code and modify it.

Before we found Sider, we came up with a set of coding guidelines and then introduced code reviews in our SDLC flow. This helped us a lot in improving our code quality but code reviews were time consuming especially when the reviewer has to check whether the code standards have been followed or not.,In addition, sometimes reviewers might overlook an obvious logical error in the code flow. This can easily surface by using a static code analysis tool. This is where Sider came into the picture. We looked at the all the solutions in the market and found Sider fit best for our needs, both in terms of price and the features it was providing.

Key Results

With Sider both our developers and the code reviewers can work more efficiently without being bothered about checking if code standards were followed or not. A big plus for us was that it fit nicely with our GitHub pull request/code review flow and our team didn’t have to change how we work or what tools we use.

Hiver Details

Established in 2011 in Bengarulu, India, Hiver has grown from two to twelve developers.If you run a business and use Gmail / G Suite, you need to get Hiver. Hiver boosts your team's (support/ sales/finance /EA) email efficiency. One can efficiently manage external shared email accounts like support@, orders@, info@ and internal shared email ids like accounts@ marketing@,ceo@, with Hiver.

You can assign emails as tasks to your team, track status of every email and get data on your team's performance. For internal team collaboration and communication, Hiver has Email Notes, where you clarify, ask questions, and offer suggestions. This way you can avoid email clutter because you don’t need to cc/Bcc or forward emails.In addition, features like Collision Alerts, Email templates, Shared Labels, Email Snooze etc add immense value. Since Hiver is built inside Gmail, the learning curve for your team is zero.

At the time of this interview, SideCI was our product name and was used in these interviews. As of June 13th, 2018, we have changed our product name to Sider and updated the product name in the past interviews accordingly.

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