Sider Enterprise is our last stronghold to maintain our code quality
Sider’s easy setup significantly cut the cost on getting started and helps keep high morale on code reviews.

About KDDI

KDDI CORPORATION is one of the biggest Japanese telecommunications operators that provides telecommunications in Japan and worldwide. At KDDI, System Management Department Advanced Business Development Division develops portal apps such as “au Service TOP” and “au WALLET.” Their eighteen members are currently using Sider. They use Objective-C and Swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android and they are planning to switch over to Swift and Kotlin entirely.

Why did you choose Sider?

We were aware that we had to make our code review process more efficient before we learned about Sider. In our application development group, typically everyone takes part in code review. However, the difference in our coding styles, such as where to place half-width spaces or brackets or indentation, was causing problems. This kind of argument happened not only when a new member joined but on our day-to-day development.

We have wanted to automate our code review for a while. However, if we were going to do so with our previous CI, it would have cost us a tremendous amount of time in additional tasks such as setting plug-ins, adding a workflow, creating definitions per repository, and so forth. So we were reluctant. That was why we decided to switch to Sider Enterprise, which only takes about 30 seconds to get started.

Key Results

Sider is very easy to get started, we just chose our repositories. It can also be integrated with your GitHub Enterprise accounts. We only had to spend a little amount of time to set up Sider before we started running code checks.

Previously, we used to spend about an hour per day on code reviews. However, now that we have Sider, we can fix errors more quickly and easily.

In addition, we no longer leave comments that contradict each other or point out the same errors manually again and again. This helped us renew our motivation, and our members are getting on code review more quickly than before. Sider is a valuable tool to keep the members motivated.

Because what is most important is that everyone in our team can focus on “reviews that are significant.” So we are doing better code reviews more rapidly with Sider. We believe that Sider is our last stronghold that will maintain the quality of our code.

Company Information

KDDI is propelling integration of telecommunications and life design as a company that brings excitement to its over 39 million customers. In addition to its mobile and fixed telecommunication services, KDDI is bringing new values to its customers’ lifestyles by linking telecommunications services with life design services in fields such as commerce, finance, energy, entertainment, and education.

For corporate clients, KDDI will provide an all solution service to contribute to clients’ businesses by partnering with companies in the fields of 5G and IoT, in addition to mobile communications and ICT.

In global markets, KDDI aims to provide the best ICT environment for IoT, while offering TELEHOUSE, a data center service that ensures reliability and high quality, as its core service. KDDI also continues to contribute to economic growth around the world and the improvement of their people’s daily lives, actively engaging in consumer business in the developing countries.

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