Sider detects exceptionally rare mistakes without any additional effort.
Sider checks any changes in code and detects all possible mistakes exhaustively including exceptionally rare ones. It also encourages junior developers to learn on their own by pointing out possible improvements from their code.

About StartupTechnology

StartupTechnology provides consulting and system development outsourcing specialized in Ruby on Rails. Our service is more than just development outsourcing, we suggest to our clients development environment improvements such as using GitHub, create a roadmap for their service, and even create a coding standard as we help them build their dev teams. StartupTechnology’s team members work almost like a CTO to our client’s company.

Why did you choose Sider?

We struggled to solve two problems.

1) An increasing load of code review

When reviewers overlook a bug, they become more careful to not overlook that kind of issue again. The increased cost of code review finally delays product improvements.

The problem is this happens on exceptionally rare issues too, which reviewers tend to overlook. The increased review cost is spent for checking such rare issues but helps product development only marginally. The reward for increased time investment in manual code review is quite low.

2) Training cost growth

When a new member joins the development team, training is needed to get them up to speed. The more the team grows, the more the cost of training grows as well.

For these solutions, we decided to use Sider.

Key Results

Improved cost-effectiveness of code review

Sider improves cost-effectiveness of code review. We can have more communication with our clients, and spend more time to solve their problems.

We can minimize review efforts without sacrificing code quality. We can safely forget exceptionally rare checks because Sider is doing that for us. Code review feels much less exhausting now.

Sider also helps training of developers. It automatically gives best practice suggestions to developers to improve their code. Developers can improve on their own by reading the suggestions and learning the background of the best practice.

At the time of this interview, SideCI was our product name and was used in these interviews. As of June 13th, 2018, we have changed our product name to Sider and updated the product name in the past interviews accordingly.

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