Sider goes beyond reminders - easily create rules and alerts for code errors.
Your mystar prevents recurring issues by turning failure and problems into Phinder rules.

About Your mystar, Inc.

Your mystar, Inc. is a Japanese company that provides two services, Anata-no-Mystar (your mystar), aimed at connecting professional craftspeople with people who want to cherish the things they love. And RELIVERS, a media platform providing tutorials and tips on how to take care of things. Your mystar is operated by a team of nine, made up of engineers, interns, and outsource engineers. The web services are developed with CakePHP and WordPress.

Why Sider?

One unique aspect of Your mystar is that we work with many interns. We have four interns just in the development team. Having many interns resulted in lots of time spent on reviewing code when teaching the basics of programming.

It might take up to 3 hours for interns to finish tasks experienced engineers would do in 15 minutes. The added time was spent writing, reviewing and editing code. It was great for educational purposes, but it was an issue from a business perspective. If Sider could review code instead of us, it would deliver tremendous value.

Phinder use case

We use Phinder to provide alerts. This helps us to prevent repeated errors by recording the failures and problems. For example, we made a Phinder rule after someone mistakenly sent a query object to View, which issued many SQL commands when rendering HTML.

- id: complex_find_closing
  pattern: find(...)
  message: Did you close with toArray(), all(), or first() to prevent sending query objects to View?

We tell new interns to check suggestions that were made for other interns during code review. It's very useful to be able to automate alerts for something unique to our application.


It's a great system because alerts and suggestions are kept in the Phinder YAML file as code, and signals when an error is detected in a pull request. This goes beyond reminding each other to be careful when failures and errors occur. If we have any questions or doubts, we can check the history on GitHub. I see lots of value in accumulating our development history to improve our service.

Company Info

Your mystar, Inc., provides Anata-no-Mystar to connect people who want to keep using the things they love with craftspeople and experts. It provides a platform for finding skillful professionals all over Japan. Your mystar’s vision is to create a world where people can appreciate things much longer with help from the excellent techniques and skills of experts. The company also provides a web media platform called RELIVERS which publishes how-to information on cleaning and repairing the things you love.

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