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Top companies use Sider to meet their development goals and needs on a daily basis.

“Previously, we used to spend about an hour per day on code reviews. However, now that we have Sider, we can fix errors more quickly and easily.

In addition, we no longer leave comments that contradict each other or point out the same errors manually again and again. This helped us renew our motivation, and our members are getting on code review more quickly than before. Sider is a valuable tool to keep the members motivated.”

"Sider Enterprise for GitLab is being utilized by Fixstars Corporation to raise the standard of code review in developing software for embedded products in C/C++."

Choose the tools that are right for you

Pick the best tools for your project from Querly, Phinder, JavaSee, and TyScan, depending on the language of your choice. These tools use expressive pattern language based on programming language syntax, making it possible to detect code pieces with precision. You can also make use of Goodcheck, which is based on regular expressions and lets you write rules for any and all text files.











  • Self-hosted environment support
    Ideal for teams with enterprise-grade infrastructure. Keep complete control of your source code’s security.
  • Flexible setup
    Choose a suitable configuration for your team, from a quick standalone setup to a scalable cluster setup.
  • Continuous updates
    Keep your projects current
    and use all our latest features with Sider’s monthly updates.
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