Better your development team with shared knowledge

Do you have project-specific knowledge you’d like to share with your team? Just add code pattern and message to the rule file in your repository. Sider will let your teammates know automatically when they push code that matches the pattern.

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Highlighted by Sider
  - id:
      - create_table
    message: |
      Get ready for migration!

      Read the operation manual for DB migration.

Choose the tools that are right for you

Pick the best tools for your project from Querly, Phinder, JavaSee, and TyScan, depending on the language of your choice. These tools use expressive pattern language based on programming language syntax, making it possible to detect code pieces with precision. You can also make use of Goodcheck, which is based on regular expressions and lets you write rules for any and all text files.











Seamless GitHub/GitLab integration

Supercharge your workflow with Sider

  • CODE
  • PULL
  • Sider
  • FIX
  • 1. Make amendments to your project

    Work as you would normally, coding changes to your existing project.

  • 2. Create new pull request

    Sider will automatically analyze your pull request, ignoring the unchanged parts, so you can focus on your developing code.

  • 3. Sider reviews your pull request

    You'll receive your code review results as a merging status in your pull request, so you won't miss it.

  • 4. Check the issues and fix them

    Review reported issues on Sider. Fix or close the issues, and push the new commit.

  • 5. Merge and deploy

    Now that the issues found by Sider have been resolved, ask your teammates to review and approve your code for deployment.

  • Popular analysis tools support
    Sider supports over 20 tools to help developers follow industry standards for high quality code.
  • Security
    Analysis tools run in isolated environments; one off Docker container for each analysis session.
  • Test Mode
    Run initial setup and adjust config settings with test mode. Your project won’t be affected during your trial-and-error.
  • Customization as usual
    Sider offers great customization flexibility. Import your existing analyzer configs to tailor fit your needs.
  • Default Configuration
    Your repositories will be ready for analysis as soon as you select them. Use our default configuration to get immediate results.
  • Slack Integration
    Keep up to date with analysis results with Slack integration. Automatically be notified of continuous analysis results.
  • In-house Support
    In-house support will address any of your issues, config or otherwise. Never hesitate to contact us.
  • Easy Debugging
    Analysis logs are made available for each tool for each analysis, when debugging is necessary.
  • GitHub/GitLab Permissions Integration
    Access settings are imported from GitHub/GitLab automatically. Start immediately without worrying about setting permissions.

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