For better code and greater productivity

Sider analyzes your entire repository using a variety of analyzers, and turns problems into metrics. Not only does it help you understand the current state of code, it helps to improve consistency, efficiency, security, and reliability.

Project status quantified

Get stats that help you understand your project. Prevent deterioration

Sider analyzes the entire repository and provides metrics on a file-by-file basis. It can identify and quantify highly complex and difficult-to-maintain code, scattered duplicate code and more.
It can also produce metrics on a branch-by-branch basis, which helps to prevent low-quality code from being merged.

Refactoring assistance

Visualize code quality.
Find out what needs to be refactored

When refactoring, you will be able to see which files need to be addressed first.Sider uses a combination of metrics such as lines of code and code complexity to find which files need to be refactored.
It can also be used as a benchmark to see the results of refactoring.

Consistency in rules

Eliminate inconsistencies in wording and notation

By using custom linters such as Goodcheck (original to Sider), you can define custom rules in YAML files and find code that may be in violation of the rules throughout the repository. Here are examples:

  • Correcting naming conventions such as ‘Github’ and ‘Gitlab’ to ‘GitHub’ and ‘GitLab’
  • Selecting consistent spelling such as ‘organization’ and ‘organisation’

Project at a glance

Get a bird's-eye view of the entire repository. Eliminate problem areas

Check if the entire repository is fully compliant with rules such as PSR-12 *1 and MISRA C:2012/CERT C *2. It is also possible to define custom rules for your organization.

*1 A coding standard widely used in PHP development. For instance, if compliance is required for contract development, Sider can determine whether it is 100% compliant.

*2 MISRA C is a coding guideline for software developers that requires high safety standards, such as embedded control systems and automotive software.

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