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Frequently asked questions

Are there any restrictions during the free trial?

No, you can utilize all the features and options as our paid plans! You can analyze your private repositories and receive analysis results without limitations.
Our 14 days trial period starts once you start analyzing your first private repository. Try Sider with your real production app during the trial plan, free of charge.

What happens when the trial period ends? Will I be charged automatically?

If you haven't upgraded your plan when the trial period ends, Sider will stop analyzing your private repositories. We won't ask for your credit card details until you upgrade your plan, so no charges will be made.

How can I change or cancel my plan?

You can change the number of seats or cancel your plan at any time from your organization settings (only admins). Sider will make all changes immediately, while the payments will be prorated and reflected on your next billing cycle.

What is a "seat"?

A seat is a license for one user to use Sider in private repositories.

Do I need to buy seats for all members of my organization?

No, every member doesn't need a seat. You should buy seats only for members using Sider.

What happens if a member doesn't have an assigned seat?

A member without an assigned seat cannot access, analyze, or review pull requests in your private repositories through Sider.

Can I re-assign an already purchased seat to a different member?

Yes, you can do so at any moment in your organization settings.

What happens if a member with an assigned seat resigned or was removed from my organization?

Sider cannot automatically remove the seat even if the member is no longer part of your organization. Please manually un-assign the seat in your organization settings and downgrade your plan.

Will Sider analyze pull requests created by a member who doesn't have an assigned seat?

No, Sider will analyze only pull requests created by a member with an assigned seat.

Will Sider analyze pull requests created by a bot such as Dependabot?

Yes, Sider will analyze all pull requests by a bot. Also, you don't need to assign a seat for a bot.

Does the Free or Education plan have support?

No, it doesn't. However, we will support you as needed, such as bug reports.

Are you a student or an educator?
Students, teachers, and those affiliated with educational institutes may qualify to use our free educational plan. Please contact us for more details.
Have a large development team?
If you have a large development team, please contact us regarding custom plans.

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