This policy explains how we are collecting, storing, and using your information.
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Sider Corporation
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The Information We Collect

Information from GitHub

Sider collects information through GitHub API when you signed up or logged in to Sider, including your name, your email address, and your repositories. Because Sider accesses your information based on GitHub API, you can control how Sider can access your information from GitHub’s settings.

  • Public profile
    • Sider receives your public profile from GitHub, including account name, full name, icon, and user id.
    • Sider uses such information to identify you.
    • The information will be updated automatically by synchronizing them with GitHub when you log in to Sider.
  • Email address
    • Sider receives your primary email address.
    • Even if your setting of your email address on GitHub is private, Sider receives your email address.
    • The email address is updated automatically by synchronizing that with GitHub when you log in to Sider.
  • Organizations
    • Sider receives organizations you belong to on GitHub.
    • Regardless of your privacy setting (private or public) of the organization membership, Sider receives the membership information.
    • Organization owners can prohibit Sider from accessing to their organizations. In this case, Sider cannot collect the organization’s information.
  • Repositories
    • Sider receives your repositories and repositories of organizations you belong to.
    • Public and private repositories are received.
    • If an organization owner restricts Sider’s access to the organization, Sider cannot receive the organization’s repositories.

Your Activities on Sider

Sider collects information created by your activities on Sider, including your comments on Sider, URLs you visited, and your session recording while on Sider’s site.

  • Your actions to issues
    • Sider collects your close and comment actions to issues, including comment messages.
  • Visited URLs
    • Sider collects URLs you visited on Sider website.
  • Sider Web UI recording
    • Sider records its web UI status on your browser while keeping your confidential information invisible to us. We record the following:
      • Texts on the page
      • Buttons
      • Icons
      • Scrolls
    • Confidential information includes your source code, SSH key, and other kinds of credentials.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information as the following.

Providing Services and Features

Sider uses your information to implement the service, code review automation. This includes using the information to:

  • Create and update your account.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Allow you to register your repository from GitHub to Sider.
  • Checkout your source code and run analyses.
  • Keep track of how issues are handled by developers.
  • Send notifications about your account, including analysis results, plan updates, and payment notifications.

Sider also uses your information in order to send you notifications such as:

  • Important feature updates including deprecations
  • Updates of pricing and terms
  • Maintenance
  • Any other necessary announcements

Customer Support

Sider uses your information to provide customer support. This includes using the information to:

  • Allow you to open a ticket for support request.
  • Communicate with you via Intercom or email.
  • Identify the problem you have.

Communications from Sider

Sider sometimes sends you some messages for promotions and marketings. We may use such information to:

  • Send newsletters to announce our new features.
  • Send newsletters to announce our campaigns, studies, and surveys.

Research and Development

Sider uses your information for our research, testing, analyses, and product development. This allows Sider to improve our product by understanding how it is used by our users.

Legal Proceedings and Requirements

We may use the information we collect in order to conduct investigations or address claims or disputes relating to your use of Sider, or as otherwise permitted by applicable law, or as requested by regulators, government entities, and official inquiries.


Sider uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as:

  • Authenticating users
  • Understanding users behavior
  • Analyzing site traffic and trends
  • Delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Please see List of Cookies section for the list of providers and the purposes.

Third Party Services

Sider uses the following services and may share your information with the services. As stated in the next section, “Information Deletion and Retention,” when you delete your account on Sider, your information will be deleted. In this section, we are explaining how these third party services uses your information and how you can opt out while your account is still active.


Sider uses Intercom to communicate with users, including customer support and marketing communications. Email address, other GitHub-sourced information associated to you, and customer support conversations are stored in Intercom.

  • You can opt-out receiving emails from Sider which is sent via Intercom using the link included in the messages.
  • You can also delete Intercom data from the link sent from Intercom.


Sider uses Inspectlet to record your sessions on Sider. Your identifier, IP address, browser, and your country are included. Confidential information including source code and credentials are not sent to Inspectlet.


Sider uses Stripe to make a payment. Sider does not receive or store your credit card number but only access the token generated from Stripe which can be used to charge the payment.


Sider uses Bugsnag to record application errors. Error contents may include the user identifier and other personal data.

Scout APM

Sider uses Scout APM to monitor web application requests and record application errors. The details of recorded web requests may include:

  • URL of the request
  • User identifiers associated with the requests
  • Obfuscated database queries

Information Deletion and Retention

When you delete your account on Sider, your information will be deleted. The deletion will occur immediately or after their retention period.


When you delete your account, all data saved on Sider will be deleted immediately, except for access logs and analysis results. Analysis results will be deleted within 180 days.


When you delete your account, all data associated to the account will be deleted immediately.


The session recordings will be deleted in 2 months.


When you delete your account, all data saved in Stripe associated to the account will be deleted immediately.


The error reports will be deleted in 30 days.

Scout APM

The recorded session data will be deleted in 7 days.


The personal information collected on Sider are processed in Japan and US. The data processing we have follows the policy defined in this document and Japanese and US law.

Updates to this Policy

When necessary, we may update this policy. If we make important changes, we will send you notifications regarding such changes through email or other means. To the extent permitted under applicable law, by using our services after such notice, you consent to our updates to this policy.

We suggest our users to review this policy from time to time for the latest information on our privacy practices. The previous versions of this Privacy Policy will be available to you in “Revisions” section.


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List of Cookies

Sider is using cookies for the following purposes. Some of the user information is shared with third party providers via the cookies.

The following is the list of types, purposes, and providers of cookie and related technologies.

TypePurposeWho serves
Sider featuresThese are essential to the Sider features. They are used to identify users after sign-in and to remember some preferences.Sider
Third party featuresThese are used to monitor the behavior of each user. The monitoring is to provide better user support and used for further improvements of Sider.
  • Inspectlet
  • Intercom
AnalyticsThese are used to analyze site traffic and trends. The data collected does not include any information to identify users nor private data.Google
AdvertisingThese are used to track ad campaign performance. It also allows remarketing for ad campaign improvements. The data collected does not include any information to identify users nor private data.Google